It is the mission of the Core Service Agency (CSA) to provide the consumer with the highest professional, superior quality, and effective services to meet the consumer's mental health needs.

Life Care Inc. CSA program will provide and perform a more detailed assessment of clients to determine eligibility for services. For individuals not enrolled in Medicaid, we will seek local dollars for the 1st 90 days until their Medicaid is approved. The CSA may also help initiate an application for Supplemental Security Income benefits and Section 8 Services. As a provider and Core Service Agency, we take pride in offering a wide range of behavioral health services that are individually and/or "client-centered" to fit each customer's requirements and essentials. We assist with planning, managing and monitoring a full range of treatment and rehabilitation services for persons with mental illness and co-occurring disorders through the Department of Behavioral Health System.

Individuals in the MHRS program are eligible to receive a variety of services designed to both treat and rehabilitate adults with severe mental illness and severe emotional disturbance. The services provided for MHRS clients are shown below. There are four "core" services:

Diagnostic and Assessment Services

Medication and Somatic Treatment

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Community Support